Our Initiatives


The initiatives and programs supported or developed by The Assisi Foundation make the application of universal patterns manifest. During these uncertain, turbulent and fragmenting times, The Assisi Foundation’s ultimate vision is to ensure that the initiatives we support can have a truly global reach. 

We are committed to supporting worldwide educational and training programs or initiatives that recognize the meaning and significance of universal or archetypal patterns, and develop the skills and tools necessary for resolving differences and conflicts on the personal and global levels. 

In a time where the individual and collective psyche seems to be yearning for a radical shift in perspective and approach, it is our hope that our initiatives and programs can offer a different perspective underpinned by dialogue, transformation and healing.  

We remain committed that our initiatives ultimately stand in service of facilitating a ripple-effect that can aid the transformation of individuals, organizations, institutions, governments, nations, and the global collective.

The following are some of the programs already made possible by The Assisi Foundation: 

Archetypal Pattern Translator Training Program for Latin American Countries: Intérprete de Patrones Arquetipales

This two-year program is based on the Assisi Institute’s Archetypal Pattern Analyst Certification Program (currently also offered in English and Russian), and is completely funded by The Assisi Foundation to offer training to Spanish-speaking audiences in the art and science of translating archetypal patterns. 

The Foundation has funded scholarships, technical, translation and administrative support to enable professionals in Latin America, Spain and expats living abroad to participate in a high-level training program according to their financial means. 

The oppression and financial constraints in Latin America are severe, and we currently have over 70 students participating. They are psychologists, Jungian analysts, analysts in training and other professionals who are actively engaged and committed to deepening their understanding of the way Psyche expresses itself in the clinical setting. 

The Ravages of Oppression Webinar Series

The Ravages of Oppression is a four-part webinar series offered in four languages (English, Italian, Russian and Spanish) by Dr. Michael Conforti to a global community of participants. 

Based on Elie Wiesel’s book The Accident, Dr. Conforti traces the ravages of trauma and oppression and offers a possible corrective. He writes: “It may well be that when understanding something of the profound experience of trauma, we find that therapy has come to the end of the road. Something dramatically different, perhaps a spiritual approach to life, Psyche, and Self is needed if there is any hope of retrieving the soul that has been taken hostage by the past. 

In addition to looking at growing educational programs related to archetypal and universal patterning throughout the world, The Assisi Foundation will continue considering ways in which it can: 

  • Expand on the training of Archetypal Pattern Analysts in developing countries
  • Develop and introduce programs in countries that have a history of oppression or are at a socio-economic disadvantage compared to developed nations.
  • Support educational initiatives and programs that encourage ongoing investigations into the study, education and amplification of universal or archetypal patterns as a modality or field of study.

The Assisi Foundation is also developing independent initiatives aimed at deeply impactful cultural, social and institutional change on a global level. Amongst others, these initiatives include investigating the archetypal influences constellated around themes such as: 

  • Crimes Against Humanity 
  • The Decline of Spirit in Contemporary Culture
  • Early Intervention in Educational Settings
  • Working with judicial and penal institutions to affect change

With the stewardship of The Assisi Foundation to bring these programs to life, it is our intention to bring the profound contributions of C.G. Jung’s work even more prominently into personal, national and international domains.

Please enjoy these testimonials from community members who have been exposed to or have participated in international initiatives made possible by The Assisi Foundation.